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Recent Wholesome Wave News Coverage

June 2014

Aspen Daily News: Grow For Good Campaign 
is Raising Dough and Making Change

April 2014

The Atlantic: Access to Good Food as Preventative Medicine

March 2014

BBC Business Matters: Is Organic the Answer

WAMU, The Kojo Nnamdi Show: Coping with Rising Food Prices

The Wall Street Journal: Health Food for Foodies

February 2014

Le Journal de Montréal: Docteur, prescrivez-moi des fruits et des légumes

Washington Post: Farm Bill Contains Farmers Market Program That Food Advocates for Poor See as Hopeful

January 2014

St. Louis Post: Deep in new farm bill, more vegetables for poor families

PBS News Hour: SNAP Programs at Farmers Markets Improve Fruit and Vegetable Consumption, study finds

December 2013

WNPR: Chef Michel Nischan: Healthy Food for All Incomes

September 2013

National Journal: Congress Starting to Pay More Attention to Fruits and Vegetables

NPR: No Bitter Pill: Doctors Prescribe Fruits and Veggies

August 2013

Boston Globe: Former Ag commissioner Gus Schumacher to receive top James Beard award

July 2013

Fox News: Produce prescriptions helping families fight obesity

MSN: New doctor prescription: Fresh fruit and vegetables

Wall Street Journal: NYC doctors prescribe fresh fruits and vegetables

CTV News: Fruits and veg, by prescription: NYC Launches new program

ABC News: New York Hospitals Prescribing Fruits, Veggies

NPR: NYC Doctors Are Now Prescribing Fruits And Veggies : The Salt

NY Daily News: ‘Prescription’ for fruits, vegetables city’s next remedy in battle against obesity

ABC 7 New York: Doctors prescriptions for fruits and vegetables now available

CBS New York: City Announces Fruit And Veggie Prescription Program

Fast Company: New York Hands Out A Prescription For Fruits And Vegetables FVRx Program: Can a “Prescription” Of Fruits and Veggies Stop the Obesity Crisis?

UPI:  Doctors write prescriptions for farmer’s market produce

Science World Report: Fruits and Veggies’ ‘Prescription’ Helps Overweight Patients Shed Pounds

June 2013

Providence Journal: Farm Fresh Rhode Island announces $100,000 loan

USDA: Top USDA Rural Development Official Visits Thriving Rhode Island Food Hub

CBS 2 Chicago: Illinois Encouraging Use Of LINK Cards At Farmers Markets

May 2013

In Focus: Five Things to Watch in the Farm Bill

April 2013

Chefs urge Congress to pass farm bill with help for SNAP participants to buy fruits, vegetables

Local Food Advocates Prescribe Fruits And Veggies For Food Stamp Recipients

Healthy benefits: Nonprofit hospitals could reap credit for improving the eating habits of their patients and communities

December 2012

Farm Bill Becomes Fodder In ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Wrangling

Accessing Fresh Produce

November 2012

SNAP Program at Farmers Markets Expanding in 2013

Wholesome Wave’s Initiatives Are Sprouting Changes in the Communities

October 2012

Group Launches Two Year Study to Promote Maine Seafood

Prescriptions for Produce Helping to Cut Obesity

FVRx Produce Prescriptions At Austin Clinic Commend Fruit, Vegetables To Pregnant Women

Study to Look at Ways to Distribute Maine Seafood

New England Farmers Union: SNAP Benefits Local Agriculture

Navigating the challenges of regional distribution: ‘Louisvores’ tackle farm-fresh food for schools

September 2012

Proposed cuts to food stamps may affect Oakland’s farmers’ markets

How one Skowhegan Woman is Driving a Local Foods Revolution

Farmers Markets Can Bring Food to Where It’s Needed

From Farm to City: Trading Food Stamps for Fresh Foods

US grant, loan awards highlighted during US Rep. John Olver’s visit to Valley farm

USDA highlighting Franklin County farmers’ recovery from Tropical Storm Irene

Grant Supports Food Hub Initiative

USDA Officials Visit Deerfield Farm

August 2012

Coupon Program Encourages Healthy Eating

Agriculture commissioner visits East Side Farm Stand 

Produce Prescriptions: Program Promotes Healthy Eating 

Grant will help Fresh New London create ‘healthy food hubs’ 

Courtney Lauds Farm Grant From Wholesome Wave 

Doctors prescribe fruits and vegetables

Courtney applauds $568,150 Rural Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge grant to Wholesome Wave, FRESH New London 

Himes, Lieberman, Blumenthal Announce Over Half A Million Dollars For Job Creation And Growth In New England Food Industry 

July 2012

Fresh Food at Affordable Prices: How programs like Wholesome Wave are getting fresh food to all

Local Food Distributor Grasshoppers Hosts Summit 

Doctors prescribe fruits and vegetables – literally – to encourage healthy eating

Meet the Guys Who Make Local Food Affordable

Commonwealth Hosts Local Food Summit

Program prescribes produce

Fruits and Vegetables Are the Doctor’s New Orders  

Doctors write Prescription for Produce

Press Release: Innovative Wholesome Wave and Commonwealth of Kentucky Investment Helps Louisville “Food Hub” Bring Healthy Local Foods to Tens of Thousands of Public School Students 

Take two Tomatoes and Call me In the Morning 

US doctors write prescriptions for vegetables 

Doctors write Prescription for Produce

Wholesome Wave, Kentucky ag groups making $350,000 investment to expand Grasshoppers’ farm-to-schools program      

Discussion Friday: Prescribing Fruits and Vegetables

Get Fresh on Prescription for Produce

Prescription’ Fruits & Vegetables Now Available to Obese Families

June 2012

Fruit and Vegetable Prescriptions: Just What the Doctor Ordered 

In Washington, DC, Doctors Add Vegetable Prescriptions to Anti-Obesity Arsenal 

Veggie Prescriptions Really Make People Healthier   

Aspen Food and Wine: Acheson Talks Top Chef, Unibrows and Rock Stars  

Putting the “Farm” in Pharmacy

2012 March and April Grantmaking Activity: Wholesome Wave 

Wholesome Wave provides the poor with access to healthy food

US doctors write prescriptions for vegetables